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This application is to host an event to raise funds and awareness for Fisher House Foundation. Your support will allow the Foundation to continue its mission of building Fisher Houses in locations where the need is greatest. If your intent is to raise funds for an existing Fisher House click here and contact the manager of the location you wish to benefit.

Have a question? Contact Gillian Gonzalez at 301-294-8560 or before proceeding with the application. Once submitted you will be contacted by our Fundraising Team with questions or a decision within 2 weeks.

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Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes on the grounds of military and VA medical centers. Once a house is complete and has been dedicated, the Foundation "gifts" the house to the branch of service that operates the hospital where the house is located. Each Fisher House is maintained and operated by that branch of service.

The application you are completing right now is to host an event to benefit Fisher House Foundation, not an individual house. The Foundation continues to raise funds to build future Fisher Houses in locations where the need is greatest. We truly appreciation your willingness to host an event that will help us fulfill our mission.

Have a question? Call Gillian Gonzalez at 301-294-8560 before proceeding with the application.
Photo Release
Fisher House Foundation encourages you to take photos during your event and to send the files to Fisher House to share with the Foundation's community. Sending the pictures to Fisher House is completely optional, but we must get your permission to share them with our community during this application process should you decide to send the files to us after the event.
Fisher House Foundation supports fundraising efforts that are family-friends, non-political, and supportive of those who serve our country in uniform.


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